Release Point Question

When I throw I throw pretty much over hand and when I get the ball down I can be pretty effective. I have a tendency though to drop my elbow/just release to early causing my ball to sail. I noticed though when I hang on to the ball just a little longer I get that knee high pitch. However it doesn’t feel right I feel like I’m going to throw the ball in the dirt.

So is this just something I should get used to because now that I’ve noticed I think I’m going to start doing the towel drill to help get that release point down.

If you are feeling like you are going to throw in the dirt…that is good.

That means you are pulling down on the ball and generating energy going downhill.

That also usually means that your ball is going to have a downward angle, which means less time passing through any part of the strikezone.

Just make sure you are not just throwing with your upper body and have done your job driving toward home with your legs.


ya theresa pitcher in my leage he does that but he is also like 5-10 in 7th grade so it is extreemly hard to hit