Release point help

Is there a way to help my kid be more consistent with his release point?He will throw a few every session that come from by his ear and go up & in to a RH batter.He is a RHP.Strange.He isn’t getting the ball in front of himself on these pitches and he seems to kind of stick his neck out,too.It’s like his head is where it should be,but the ball is behind.He doesn’t look “open”.Ideas?Drills?

My recommendation is to not fixate on the release point as a goal. This should be a result of effective mechanics that achieve the real goal(s). I believe that, if you are spending time and energy on the release point, you will potentially miss the real problem, which is more general in nature. Overall mechanics and specificity of the pitching training environment.

I agree with dm’s comments. The release point is the result of the mechanics leading up to it. Make the mechanics (and their timing) consistent and the release point will be consistent.

A lot of times, a RHP throwing up and in to righties is caused by opening the shoulders early. But it could be due to other causes. Post up some video and we’ll take a look.

I agree with DM and Roger and would add this, one of the reasons for the towel drill (If you think the towel drill has any benefit) was to make the pitcher aware of the front side and get the feel for release out front. I’ve seen it used on a college level and have seen successful results when it’s used…so take that for what it’s worth. It may be something to consider.

I will have to post video soon,guys.His first game is today,so maybe some live video.No problem now,but it’s nice to find the cause,so that it can’t sneak up on him again.Every time we isolate a certain “flaw”,his delivery improves.Some “flaws” like coming open he is much better now because he is aware of it.Maybe you guys will see something,but it’s gone now.