Release point has been off.. any tips

i noticed two things myself watching over the video.

  1. i cock by back foot to where my heel would be off the rubber and my toe on the rubber, causing me to step in a direction away from the plate.
  2. my front arm is pulling outside and around my body instead of through my body, pulling by arm across my body.

anything else you guys notice?

I think your release point is fine BUT here are some things you must try to remember to have a great release Point.

  1. Keep your front knee flexed and firm
  2. Your lower back goes from hyper-extension into flexion as your shoulders need to square up perpendicular to your target.
  3. Your throwing forearms needs to snap from external rotation into internal rotation and the release of the ball should be 8"-12" in front of your landing foot.

DO NOT DO THE TOWEL DRILL: Towel Drill purpose is to teach timimg of body mechanics ONLY. Again It is NOT a Release Point Drill.

Fixes: The Stacked Towel Drill. What it will help is this. 1. It will help your shoulders rotate more around your spine.
2. It will keep your torso on-line and help you to continue to go forward to the plate.
3. Try to keep your head upright and over you shoulders all the way through release point.

Other Fixes

1 What are ya doing droping your glove & moving your head all over the place like that for.
A. Where ever your glove goes your head is going to follow thus your
release point is not going to be where it needs to be.
B. Your head needs to have about ZERO movemnet. The more you move your head in your delivery the more you will miss the strike zone to the Left and to the Right.

Fixes for Poor glove and head I will get back to you off to baseball practice. I gave ya the fix for your head ZERO MOVEMNET