Release point fix

trying to add a image , how do I do that…I go to “my pictures”, copy and come here to paste, but my paste is ghosted…


Are you talking about an Avatar image to go with your screen name? If so, then go to your profile and scroll down to the bottom. Go to the section that says “upload Avatar from your machine” and click “browse”. Then find your “my pictures” file, double-click the picture you want. Now hit the “submit” button at the very bottom and you are set. However, if you are uploading a Yankee picture…that is against the forum rules. (just kidding :lol: )

If you are talking about adding a picture to a post you submit (such as showing a particular grip, or exercise, etc.) I have no idea. Ask Steve Ellis.

I’m working on that fix right now. Right now, pictures already located on an FTP site (like your own web site or server) can be linked to. But, I’ll get my webmaster to teach us how, if it’s even possible, to download pics directly to the Let’s Talk Pitching server so others can view.

Stay tuned.

before it gets fixed, you can upload your image for free at and you can just link to it, for us to see.][img][/img

here is the photo, how can I get my son to release the ball further out?
also do you see his rear foot being twisted? soe say push off others say no…
Also House says - have glove out fixed - go /drive to the glove
Thurston/Mills - pull glove to the body hard and this adds to trunk rotating…

whatever I am trying to get his release out further - but he gets them over as is…but I do not want arm injuries…

there’s a couple good blog entries about pulling the glove to you for hip rotation vs. going to the glove, and pushing or not pushing off.

Mr. Ellis is the first one to really create a quality prospective of pro’s and con’s since every pitcher is different,
where other people basically say you have to do it this way, or you’ll fail

I prefer pulling the glove more towards myself (not as extreme as described, still move my torso forward, more or less a midpoint of the two) because I feel like I have better balance.

Here’s a link to an article (which appeared on my blog) but was converted into a full-length article for my The Complete Pitcher Web site.

In it, I’ve got some information from Tom House, Bill Thurston, myself and a doctor from ASMI about proper lead arm action – and how that fires the hips.

Also, check out my free Fastball Tips E-Zine Issue #5, where I show you frame-by-frame my pitching delivery from the stretch and talk briefly about some pitching mechanics pointers. You have to sign-up for it, but it’s completely free, at:

It’s tough to see from that angle but it looks like the front leg is not braced-up. The knee seems to be sliding well past the ankle. I find this make pitchers throw very upright and flat (the back leg also tends to do nothing). Try some pictures from directly in front, behind and 90 degrees to the side.

A couple of thoughts come to mind about the original question, which was about the player’s release point. First, it seems his stride is too short. See Steve’s Ezine Fastball Tips #1 on that point.

Second, he might try the towel drill. One coach describes it this way:

“Cut old bed sheet (or similar material) into pieces 18” by 5". Fold long side a few times until cloth is 1" by 18". Form 2 lines with one line down on one knee, resting “glove side” elbow on other knee and hold arm out (the one resting on knee) parallel to ground (with glove on) no higher than 18" above ground. Players standing hold out throwing hand (palm up) draping folded cloth over middle finger letting hang down evenly on each side of middle finger. Loosely holding cloth in fist, have pitcher go through normal windup with the delivery being slapping partner’s glove with cloth. Check for proper motion, balance and defensive position."

coach ellis has some good posts and articles on this. another way to determine natural release point is long toss.