Release point--any cues or "teaches"?


Having a release point closer to the plate/extension is a good thing for a couple of reasons including perceived velocity and, it seems, better control (the longer you’re providing force behind the ball in a relatively straight line and the closer your release is to the plate, the less margin for error it seems you’d have–accuracy of a rifle vs shotgun–though obviously the arm is movement isn’t purely linear, like a rifle barrel, and has a rotational element).

However, the towel drill teaches extension with your arm rather than rotating the shoulders/forward trunk tilt–I agree with Kyle’s article here:

Do you have any cues or drills that are useful to help a pitcher release the ball closer to the plate (including trunk tilt, rotation and arm path)? Or is it a non-teach due to doing things correctly upstream? If it’s a non-teach, what would you teach re the upstream movements to aid in extension?

Also see this discussion here:


We use a medicine ball drill, called South East slams.

I’m with you and I really like Kyle’s article, he’s spot on.

The shoulders don’t rotatate N/S as towel drill promotes. It’s a combo, NE-SE .

So, I guess you could cue it as "Southeast for rhp or southwest for lhp.


Cool. Any tricks with those slams or are they pretty much what I would guess they’d look like? What weight med ball do you typically use?

Might not be a bad drill for the next installment of BaseballThinkTank drill videos. :slight_smile: It’d be nice to have something else out there on the web, other than the towel drill for extension!


Yeah, they are a tool we use to blend the last segment of the delivery and reinforce rotation around the front hip. Also helps with opening up the thoracic spine and segmenting rotation.

Depends, we use 4-10 lbs. on the individual or strength level. Start light to create movement pattern, wouldn’t want to overload the spine without proper technique.


The fact that TrackMan (baseball radar company) calls releasing the ball closer to the plate “Extension” is absolutely awful and represents yet another giant step backwards in pitching development.

David Robertson does not “extend” to the plate, but now that people are going to hear that kind of crap, we’re doomed to another few years of towel drill garbage.

Anyway, better control is simply kinesthetic ability/feel. Nothing more than that. I wrote a few hundred words on the subject in my new book coming out in a week.



No question about feel/awareness. Just shot a video tonight about the subject in relationship to extension.