Relationship between velocity and mechanics

Some interesting food for thought can be found in the recent article:

J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2008 Aug 14

Relationships between ball velocity and throwing mechanics in collegiate baseball pitchers.

Werner SL, Suri M, Guido JA Jr, Meister K, Jones DG.

Texas Metroplex Institute for Sports Performance, Grand Prairie, TX.

Although ball speed is considered a measure of success in baseball pitching, little is known about the relationship between ball velocity and pitching mechanics. Investigation of this relationship has been limited, and the studies carried out have varied in methodology. Three-dimensional, high-speed (240 Hz) video data were collected on fastballs from 54 collegiate baseball pitchers. Kinematic parameters related to pitching mechanics and resultant kinetics on the throwing shoulder and elbow were calculated. Multiple linear regression analysis was used to relate ball velocity and pitching mechanics. Ball velocity averaged 35 m/sec (79 mph) for the 54 college pitchers. Nearly 70% of the variability in ball speed can be explained by a combination of 10 parameters related to pitching mechanics. Body mass and 9 temporal and kinematic parameters related to pitching mechanics combine to account for 68% of the variance in ball velocity for a collegiate population of athletes. These variables can be manipulated via mechanical changes and sport-specific training to affect ball velocity. The results of the study can be used to increase ball velocity while at the same time minimizing stresses on the throwing arm elbow and shoulder. Improved training programs can begin to be developed based on these data.

PMID: 18707902

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to attach a .pdf file of the full article to this post; however, if interested parties wish to PM me with a usable e-mail address I’d be glad to forward the entire article. Even better, if one of the forum admins can tell me how to post a .pdf I’d be willing to do that.

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I’ve recently sent copies of the full article out to a couple of LTP regulars who provided a direct e-mail contact by PM; however, I’ll be traveling on vacation for the next week.

When I get back (September 2) I’ll be glad to send out copies of the article to anyone else who requests it (and leaves an e-mail address by PM).

In the meantime, if there is general interest along the lines of creating an archive of biomechanics/kinesiology/medical literature at LTP that is connected with baseball pitching…that could probably be done. I’d be glad to donate the .pdf files from my own archives, which contain perhaps 35-40 full articles from ASMI and a variety of other research orgs around the country and internationally (esp. Japan).

These articles will clearly not be of interest to everyone and they do not always agree with each other; however, they do represent the leading edge of thought from the part of the scientific/medical community that is connected in some way to baseball pitching.

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That would be cool to be able to browse through the medical research. I’m for it. Also, anyone that wants the article laflippin is talking about while he is gone, give me your email and I will forward the pdf to you

I would like having a good article archive so I’ll PM Steven about this. I’m not sure what the legal ramifications of posting articles here but I’ll let Steven worry about it.

Trust me, one way or the other your tax $$ pay for the vast majority of this research.

You should at least be allowed to read it whenever you have the inclination. Some of this kind of literature is more potent than barbiturates… :lol:

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Please email a copy of the biomechanics research article. Thank you.

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