Is there anywhere I can go to get my glove relaced?

Like a Dick’s or Sports Authority


Neither of those places do it. Where do you live, I have a guy locally that’s an expert at relacing and restoring gloves.


Try a locally owned independent sporting goods store. They probably don’t do at store but might provide a referral. A couple of stores around here let you drop off mitts at store for pick up.


Google it…there are lots of choices.


I live in New Orleans


Ship it out.


Ok, I’m in Florida we have a guy here that does an excellent job at relacing gloves and restoring old gloves. He’s done about 5 for my son. He charges about $50 witch includes the new laces. He’s called the Glove Doctor.


Sports Authority began their going out of business sale yesterday.

At any rate, depending upon how bad your lacing is, you can do a lot of it yourself. If that seems too daunting, then you can ship your glove out. Just make sure that you send it insured. It’s covered if lost, and has less chance of getting lost to begin with.