Rehabbing Vs Tommy John UCL Partial Tear

@TimSmith I’ve seen many primary repairs of the ucl as a baseball physical therapist. If the player fizzels out in HS, and doesn’t move on, the kids I’ve seen have zero trouble with it. If the athlete’s intent is to pitch or catch in college or beyond, most end up re-tearing and need the reconstruction. 14y/o is still young, and there is chance for good healing with a repair, but I suspect a course like @Kaner14 had if he wants to pursue a dream of baseball. If the surgeon thinks he is skeletally mature, the reconstruction may be the way to go…then get him into a baseball specific physical therapist in your area who can find all of his “weak” areas and fix them so the chances of this happening again is minimal. Best of luck. Keep us posted.

Thank you very much for your advice. I am thinking along the same lines. Gonna listen to what all thr doctors are saying while keeping in mind that a partial tear healed with scar tissue is likely to retear. I did stumble on to a recent article regarding partial tear and pasted the link below.

A few questions if anyone knows the answers

  1. Will no tear, no matter how small, fully heal without surgery? Lets say its a 1% tear… no chance of full recovery?
  2. Is it possible that a tear heals sufficiently enough using conservative methods, that fixing the mechanical issues, and adjusting pitch counts, reduces stress enough that the ligament doesnt retear?
  3. I bought an elbow brace, endored by DR. Andrews , that is supposed to reduce ucl stress and aid with recovery. Anyone have any experience with that? Its called a Bauerfiend brace

One thing iforgot to ask Doctor McKenzie. By “reconstruction” do you mean replacement of the ucl or just repair?

I did a little research and answered that question. Now have a better grasp what the terms primary repair nd reconstruction mean.

Good news for my son. The results of the mri showed no tear at all. He said their is likely a mechanical issue causing the pain. Prescribed not to pitch til next spring so we are going to a baseball pitcher pt specialist, then to a biomechanics guy in the fall to get his motion assessed.

Truly one of the best moments of my life to hear “no tear”.