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Just looking up some shoulder workouts and I stumbled upon this PDF file…

What do you guys think of the workout ? If the link doesnt work here it is.
Phase 1: Muscle Strengthening and Conditioning (0-3 weeks)
• Avoid exercises that cause pain
• Use ice following exercise to alleviate inflammation and swelling
Range of Motion stretches should be done 3-5 times per day. Each stretch should be held for 10-15
seconds and repeated 3 times
• Cross body adduction: below neck level, at neck level, above neck level
• Sleeper stretch
• Roll-over sleeper stretch
• Internal rotation in abduction doorway stretch
• Towel roll and corner stretch for pectoralis minor
• Core body flexibility
Scapular Stabilizer Strengthening with rubber tubing or light resistance with dumbbells or machines
• Isometric scapular retraction and depression
• Shoulder shrugs
• Prone rowing or bench rows
• Seated rows with scapular pinch
• Low row
• Push-ups with a plus: wall, table-top, floor
• Bench with a plus
• Chair press-ups
• Sitting or standing flys
• Lat pull downs
Scapular Positioning
• Closed chain scapular clocks with hand stabilized on wall at 90° abduction
• Protraction/retraction
• Elevation/depression
• Closed chain axial load ball rolls in varying degrees of abduction
• Start low and work to horizontal
• Scapular punches with light weights
Phase 2: (3-8 weeks)
• Continue posterior capsule and anterior chest wall stretching
• Continue maintenance shoulder girdle strengthening with progressive increase in weights as endurance
• Begin upper body ergometers beginning at low resistance and height below 90° and slowly progress to
height at 140° flexion
Rotator Cuff Strengthening with rubber tubing or lightweight dumbbell, perform 20-30 repetitions and
do 2-3 sets of each
• Sidelying internal and external rotation
• Internal and external rotation at 0° and at 90° abduction
• Abduction to 90°
• Scapular plane elevation: empty can and full can
• Prone horizontal abduction in neutral rotation and external rotation
• Prone horizontal scapular plane elevation in neutral and external rotation
• Prone external rotation
• D2 flexion and extension
Scapular Stabilization
• Closed chain scapular clocks
• Closed chain axial load ball roll
• Start at low angles such as table top and progress to horizontal abduction on wall
• Include humeral head depressions
• Wall wash with axial load at varying degrees of abduction
• Start with vertical and progress to diagonal
• Scapular punches
• Shoulder diagonal punches and dumps combined with scapular retraction
• Start with vertical and progress to diagonal
• Plyoball chest pass and overhand toss
• PNF exercises
Phase 3: Return to Functional Activities


In my opinion, besides dealing with physical rehab, orthopedists should reach out, on behalf of their Patients, to the Experts in the Baseball Community and ask to have their Patient’s pitching motion made injury resistant.

By using “Pitching Chain Forecasting” and a knowledge of what causes Throwing Arm injuries, injury prone Pitchers should be taught injury resistant motions while under their doctor’s care.

    Injury prone Pitchers use their initial Hip rotation to bring their Core to vertical. The energy lost making this adjustment creates an ineffective release point. These Pitchers are then forced to use their Eyes to hopefully guide their Throwing Hand through a productive release. This change in Arm Slot places tremendous strain on the Pitcher’s Throwing Elbow/Shoulder.
    Injury resistant Pitchers keep their Core vertical throughout their motion. At Foot Strike, their Hip rotation immediately drives their Throwing Hand through a productive release point. These Pitchers use their Eyes to compliment and fine-tune an already effective release point. All the energy in these motion goes directly into the Pitcher Throwing Hand.
Until injury prone Pitchers learn an injury resistant motion during their rehab, injury prone Pitchers will always run the real risk of experiencing another Throwing Arm injury.

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