Rehab for Tommy John surgery

Hi everyone. I had Tommy John surgery 5 months ago and everything is going good. I just have some questions and i am looking for some advice. My throwing program is going great. No pain in the throwing motion except for when my arm is just getting ready to release the ball when my elbow is parallel with my head and my hand is behind my head. Is that normal my physical therapist says its not normal but i dont think he knows to much about baseball :frowning: haha. I was also wondering if anyone has a throwing program out there they could send me, just to compare to mine. see which one i like better. Also if there are any other workouts for the elbow area. Thanks everyne.

Welcome aboard!

You might get a better rsponse by posting this in a different forum - like the injuries forum. There are some others on this site who have gone through TJ rehab and will probably share their experiences.

However, what you’ve said here concerns me. Why would you be looking for a throwing program or workouts for the elbow on a site like this? You really should be following your doctor’s orders. Tommy John rehab needs to done exactly as the doctor orders. You must not alter it nor rush it.

I have been following my rehab protocol but i was just looking for some other workouts i might be missing. I also have pretty much been right on track with my throwing program. I was just looking for something to compare mine too. I appreciate the response! The wing is feeling great and my therapist thinks the pain will fade in a couple of weeks or months. I’m anxious to get on the mound but I’m taking my time and following my throwing program. At 5 months I am now throwing roughly 120-150 feet every other day. If any one has had the surgery or knows about the surgery let me know I’d love to pick your brain a little bit, lol. Thanks guys.

Glad to hear my concerns are unwarranted.

Send a PM to ‘NPA Pitcher’ on this site. He’s been through what you’re going through and will, I’m sure, be happy to share his experiences.

Good luck with your rehab.

Thanks roger! i will deffinitly PM your friend. I’m new to the site so i don’t really know what I’m doing,but im sure i’ll figure out how to work everything. Thanks again for the replies!