Regular Season Ends- On to The Playoffs

Our regular season ended yesterday and our team record (Colorado Redbirds 35+) was a respectable 13 wins and 5 losses. Our league playoffs (double elimination) begin on September 9th. We finished the regular season on a high note by beating the Royals 11-2. Their record was also 12-5 going into the last game.

My pitching stats as of 8-26-07 are:

Innings pitched - 46.1
K’s - 24
Hits - 32
BB - 16
HB - 2
Runs - 15
Earned Runs - 9
ERA - 1.75
Wins - 3, Losses -0, Saves - 1

Overall I’m pretty happy with my performance thus far. I’ve ptched anywhere from 1 - 7 innings in the 15 games I’ve ptched, averaging just over 3 innings per appearance. I think my velocity is down a bit this year as my strikeout numbers are lower than years past. However my breaking stuff has been good and I’ve had very few balls hit hard against me. My fielding has been very good. On Sunday I had a bunt down the third base line that I fielded and gunned a fast runner out at first. I’ve probably had a dozen assists or more this season. Everything from balls hit directly back at me to bunts to foul balls my catcher, first or third baseman could not reach. Not bad for an old man of 51!

Looking forward to a fun and successful playoffs.