Baseball season is here and I wanted some input on recovery. When throwing just about every day, you have to attack the recovery process if you expect to be ready to throw again the next day. Regaining any loss of motion, and getting blood circulation back into the arm is the priority. What I want to find is balance for my brother, where he’s getting just enough regeneration to be fresh the next day without doing too much and actually making his arm more tired.

Right now his recovery process is this:

-a j-band routine (2x8/per) including internal rotations, elbow extensions, rows and fly/reverse flies
-some kind of rhythmic stabilizations (getting a “total bar” soon)
-2 lb. mini-med ball decel tosses (2x15)
-a forearm-elbow routine working pronation, supination, flexion and extension
-foam roll with a lacrosse ball

As for band work, how much is the right amount as far as reps go (@ 60 reps right now)? And even after throwing, should he work in some external rotation as well?

He does some t-spine work as well as regaining his hips internal rotation. After throwing should you still work on hamstrings, groins, hip flexors & rotators?


My son likes doing basically the same routine post throwing as he does before.
Shoulder tube, arm circles, J-bands, quick wrist weight circuit, we do the 2lb plyo care throws as well.
With the bands he doesn’t really do a set number of reps, more of a feel thing. He does all the exercises with it, but, if an area feels tight he will focus more there. Same with foam rolling.