Reebok Prototype Bat

My Legion team was just given a Reebok Prototype bat to try out for 1 month. This bat is verryyy unusual. I am pretty sure it is the new Reebok Vector bat, and on the handle it has 3 square holes but in it (these holes take up the majority of the handle), to make it more aerodynamic. Here is what I think of it.


  • Even though the one we were given is a 33/30, swinging it, it felt extremely light. When I first picked it up, I thought it was top heavy, but it feels great swinging it.
  • Lots of pop, this bat is loud!
  • Barrel is big, so the sweet spot is big.


  • The knob is very small, felt like my hand was going to fall of sometimes during swing.
  • The handle, because it has holes in it, is weak and the ball goes nowhere off it.
  • If you are not swinging it and you are near it the sound is deafening.

Overall, I think this bat was fantastic. All I think Reebok needs to do is make the knob bigger, and that will make the bat feel more balanced. Keep an eye out for this, again I am pretty sure it is the new Reebok Vector. Also, my guess is this bat is going to cost a pretty penny…which is another con. :frowning:

EDIT: Confirmed it is the new (yet to be released) Reebok Vector

Interesting, very interesting.