Redshirt 8th grade? Intentional Stay Back for Athletic Advantage?


Apologize if this is the wrong section to post in, but figured it would get the most looks/discussion here…

Trend is becoming more popular whereas parents will have their kid redo 8th grade (via private school or home school) for the purposes of gaining size, strength & advantage when entering High School 1 year later…

Kinda makes sense as Perfect Game classifies/ranks kids by their Grad Year, not age…

So after a 8th grade redo…what would be a 14yo entering 9th grade 2022 Grad Year, now becomes a 15yo entering 9th grade 2023 Grad Year.

USA Today Article

Has anyone here done this?
Know anyone who has?


I have a neighbor that did it. For him it worked out, he was undersized going into high school so they held him back and he used that time to put on a lot of muscle. Now he’s graduating and he signed with a D-2 school earlier this year. For him it definitely worked out, but it really depends on the person.


My son did it but because he was youngest in his class. Started Kindergarten early with intentions of doing two years. Teacher convienced us no need to hold back. As my son got more involved in Athletics was advised by a relative who is a HS Principal & former coach to hold back due to age. Son was all for it. We had to do between 7th & 8th grade years due to State rules. Doing it after 8th grade would’ve resulted in a loss of a years eligibility. Same year he stayed back several others in his class did the same. Most were younger, cut off age when they enrolled in school. A few were just looking for a competitive advantage. My advice is to let your son come to you otherwise don’t pursue it. In my sons case it made sense & he initiated the conversation. In the end you’ll need to weigh the motivation along with the pros & cons.


If your son is strong academically then I wouldn’t advise it. That being said my wife and I both wish we had held our son back between his pretend kindergarten (state had no kindergarten at time) and first grade. He was young age wise and emotionally for his grade. It would have benefited him with sports as well as he will be a late bloomer like me (6’2 140 senior year - 2 years later 6’3” 205 Became gym rat… he’s going into HS at 5’7” 100 lbs). But now I couldn’t see doing it and derail him as he is an honor student and loves school and is psyched for HS.