Recruiting Help

When I sent an introductory letter to a college coach should I attach the form they have on their site or should I use a different form I found and If they ask later use theirs?

Think of it this way:

You walk into a company and apply for a job. You think to yourself, “should I use their employment application, or should I supply my own?”

Or how about this one, " I’ve got stuff here on my kind of employment application that I know you might find interesting - want to see it?

Fact is, your about to learn the realities of “selling yourself”. Coaches at all institutions have a process that is custom tailored to there budgets, attendence abilities, attention spans and what they need now and what they might need two years from now. So, today and two years from now are a pretty good indication of wants and needs, amoung other things.

What other things?

Check out the rosters for this college - or any college for that matter, and you’ll find a certain “type” of player that they go shopping for. Check out the locality, player bio’s, and other stuff that these institutions draw from.

Are you the “type” that these people will want to talk to? You should be doing your homework on what any institution that you might be interested in, is looking for.

Don’t pre-judge yourself or them. Know who’s who, prior to your licking a stamp on anything. On the other hand, you should have a wealth of information from coaches at school - it’s what they get paid to do, amoung other things. Ask your AD at school, your gym teacher, and the like.

In any event, take step by step as outlined on the institution’s web site first. Then be as creative as you like. Just remember, every institution that belongs to a governing body - like the NCAA, has certain “contact” rules that they must abide by, and that has to do with actually talking to you. I would suggest reading up on this on the NCAA’s web site.

Best wishes with your venture.

Coach B.