Recruit Video

A lot of colleges I have been in contact with have been requesting that I send a video of myself pitching.

So heres my question…

My dad wants to include all this fancy stuff in the video, like pickoff moves, and fielding ground balls from the mound. But don’t most coaches just want to see you pitch, so they can look at your mechanics? I think all the other stuff is unnecessary.

Your opinions would be very helpful. Thanks.

In addition to pitching, one thing coaches will want to see is how athletic you are. So, showing other things like fielding bunts or hit balls, covering 1B, etc. can be valuable assuming they show you in a positive light.

Another thing coaches want to see is how you handle yourself under adversity. If you can include some decent in-game video showing you handling yourself well when things don’t go so well might also be valuable.

This info comes directly from the assistant coach who is head of scouting at USC.

From some of the coaches i’ve talked to they like seeing a short well put together video that doesn’t have obnoxious music or anything like that.

They want to see you demonstrate whatever pitches you have thoroughly and from that a coach can determine whether they want to proceed with recruiting you.

What Roger said is right (cant really argue with the SEC) although in my personal experience coaches gathered that i was athletic because I was a three sport athlete. I never had a video myself but a coach can tell a lot about your athleticism by the variety of sports you play.

There’s a post by coach b. on how to videotape for recruiters. I believe it’s entitled ‘How to videotape a bullpen for college recruiters?’.

Actually, I meant USC as is University of Southern California - PAC10.

Woops, i thought South Carolina. Well that changes my opinion COMPLETELY! :roll: haha