Recovery from slap tear surgery

I had a my surgery for a slap tear on may 5th 2011. I started throwing in august and it started to get better and was able to throw up to 200ft. By December it started hurting and found out there was a lot of scar tissue build up and a loose suture. I had a second surgery on dec.30 to remove all of that and it started to feel a whole lot better and was able to get back to lobbing it 120ft and throw hard from 60ft. The problem is that I am staying at the same distance and my elbow is starting to hurt and shoulder soreness is constant. It is now June of 2012 and it has been a year and 27 days. Do I need to stretch and strengthen everyday? Should I throw through the pain or rest? What exercises are crucial for strengthening? How do I get the pain to stop? Is deep tissue massage big? What are some options for me in terms of a quick recovery?

Have you talked to your surgeon?

Have you talked to your physio therapist?

If not talk to them first and get a plan from them. They’ll be able to tell you better then a message board.

Get the advice from qualified medical professionals.

This isn’t just about your baseball career, this is about how functional and pain free you’ll be for the rest of your life.

FWIW I’ve had a SLAP done and decompression surgery done a few years after the SLAP and I do daily physio and its been 7 years since my SLAP.