Recovery from hip surgery

i had artho surgery to repair a labrum tear in hip acouple months ago, has anywhere else had this and what did you do to get back to 100% to pitch.

Have you talked to your surgeon or PT about this topic yet? What did they say?

no not lately im about to see them soon again, doctors dont do much anywas

After your Glove Side foot lands, do you try to push back with your GS foot and lock your GS knee?

If so, this could be the root cause of your hip problem.

You need to address the root cause of the problem if you don’t want it to crop up again.

If you look at guys like Maddux, he firms up his front side but never locks his GS knee.

its the right hip, im righthanded so its the pushoff hip

never mind that tim lincicum locks his glove side knee… chris is big on cherry picking information and not too big on providing any real answers. Do you know how long it will take him to recover? Likely not, so why are you using this time to help him address the root cause of the problem? It could have been a car crash for all you know.