Recovering from throwing

What does everyone here do after they throw so you dont get sore the next day. Ice, supplements, heat?

A good diet, a consistent band/weight shoulder program, vascular (I think that would be an appropriate word) conditioning, and throw every day.

No ice, no heat, no drugs.

Pain is french bread! :smiley:

I don’t ice, but if the soreness is bad, I use an anti-inflammatory such as advil. Seems to help, but if you can try and go for a 30 minute run. It helps recovery time by about a day IMO.

There are some studies that suggest nsaids like advil block arachidonic acid from working. Arachidonic acid is present during the first stage of muscle growth and repair and is the reason for soreness.

running after throwing is always good.

I’m a big stem and ultrasound guy as well.