Recovering from SLAP repair

I had a slap repair in the back of my shoulder 9 months ago, 3 anchors were put in. i did everything that has been asked of me when it comes to rehab and still was not able to pitch this year and I am redshirting. I keep having setbacks that last a week or two where i feel like i reinjured it and then it fades away. Right now I am in my 4th week of lifting and it feels the worst it has in a while. Not sure how much longer its going to take to get back on the mound but I just want to know from people with experience having the surgery when the everyday pains go away and when pain while throwing goes away?

Have you seen and talked to the surgeon or your PT about those setbacks and pain feelings?

Every BODY is different, there’s no set timeline for recovering from this surgery.

The other hard fact is some guys simply don’t come back from this operation.

I had a lot of pain coming in the 2nd month of my throwing after the slap tear surgery and it was due to scar tissue build up and a loose suture. They had to go in a second time to suck it all out. It feels a whole lot better and I am back throwing about 120ft