Recovering from injury

I have a pitcher that tore is ACL and MCL last september, had surgery and rehabed to the point where is is fully released to play. He seemeds to be over-protecting that knee not just pitching, but hitting, running, and feilding too. Is there anything that I can do as a coach to help him get over this?

Tough one. His fear is understandable.

The mind is normally the last to heal, it has to re-learn to trust the knee. The knee “betrayed” him badly so re-building trust is not easy. The minds number one goal is survival, and it is easier to survive if you aren’t injured.

So talking about that with him for one. Let him know it is understandable. Let him be OK favoring it.

Strongly encourage him to visualize himself playing full out on his knee. He needs to see it in his mind AND feel it in his body while being safe (visualize it at home or in the dugout). Over time this will help rebuild the trust.

p.s. I don’t mean to just advertisize my product, but it will guide him through visualizations – easier to be guided through them than do them on their own.

The coach I played for in high school has your book and we did some of this stuff as a team, but then went away from it due to time issues. I continued to do it before every start I made on the mound and I thought that it helped.

There’s no question that there’s a benefit to Dr. Tom’s program. Would also suggest you check out The Mental Game of Baseball and The Mental ABC’s of Pitching. Both by H. Dorfman.

thanks, i will give them a look

i have the Mental game of baseball…its awesome!