Recovering from a bad start?

Hey guys. I’ve been on here for a couple years and I’ve contributed when i’ve felt I could help. I now request some help from you.

My season this year has been a great improvement from my last season (record was 3-3). This year, though, I have practiced and honed my skills thoroughly, and my current record began at a staggering 8-1. Unfortunately, my last two starts have been a mystery to me, both being losses bringing my record to 8-3.

I have been struggling greatly with my control. My first start i went for four innings with about 80 pitches. My last start was an appalling 2 1/3 innings in which i pitched 116 PITCHES. 66 in the first inning. That is absolutely disgsusting, something i would never wish to experience again in my life.

I have one start left before the playoffs against the worst team in the league, which is next wednesday (8 days from now) this leaves me a long time to prepare for my start and do the necessary things to fix my pitching.

I apologize for the HUGE length of my post but I’d just like to give my situation some context. I CANNOT pitch like this in the playoffs, and I am willing to do what is necessary to succeed. Therefore, i request a compendium of control issue solutions and possible other solutions to my problems. I will be able to possibly post my mechanics tommorow if i record them.

Please Respond! Thanks in advance.

All right, Defalco32—let’s do a little detective work here. First, let’s look at the circumstances under which your control deserted you. Think back—was there anything unusual about that first start in which you couldn’t locate the strike zone? What was going on with your pitches missing the plate? Was it something with your mechanics, perhaps a change in the arm angle? Take a good look at it, zero in on the problem—perhaps something will occur to you that you hadn’t been aware of. Once you have it, the next step is to find a solution, something you can do to correct the problem.
I can tell you about something I used to do when I was a little snip, and perhaps you may need to do something like it. I would get a catcher, and either he would mark off with chalk a pitcher’s rubber and a home plate (the only problem with this is that the chalk marks can be rubbed off in nothing flat), or if we could get to an unused playing field I would take the mound and he would get behind the plate. We would then play a game we called “ball and strike” in which he would position his mitt in various places, high, low, inside, outside, every which way but standing on his head ( :lol: ), and what I had to do was concentrate on getting my pitches into the pocket of that mitt. I did this with all my stuff, at varying speeds, and what a nice satisfying “THWACK” when the ball hit that pocket! We would go at this for an hour at a time, and believe me, I can’t think of a better way to sharpen my control. You can do this, just you and that catcher, and perhaps somewhere along the line you might discover what it is that has bollixed up your control.
And above all, relax. You’ve probably been tightening up, and that can play havoc with your ability to hit that strike zone. So—ease up. Back off a little. Don’t worry about this pitch or that; just focus on locating that strike zone. You’ll find it. As Satchel Paige once said, "Home plate don’t move."
Hope this helps. :baseballpitcher:

Great post Zita. Thanks for the tips, I’ll use your suggestiongs! Thanks!