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Hello, here is my first question,

I have already browse this forum a little to look for pitching books.

The NPA books are often mentioned, but which one(s) should I purchase.
Fastball fitness The art and science of pitching and Building a million dollar arm seem interesting but do they each cover different subject or are there any repetitions ?

While I am very interested in theory, for the moment I am looking for drills, throwing program, and pitching specific fitness training.

If you have other suggestions, I take.

Thank you !

"…for the moment I am looking for drills, throwing program, and pitching specific fitness training. "

---------Fastball Fitness is an outstanding detailed guide for pitching-specific fitness workouts.

My son keeps our copy of this book at the gym…it’s getting pretty worn out with use.

Both of the other books you mentioned are excellent books for pitching mechanics but they also contain good introductory information on nutrition for athletes, mental/emotional management for pitchers, and conditioning for pitchers.

Wanna save some dough?

Go up to the topics bar at the very top of this web site and click on

Scroll down to just about anything that you want. Steven Ellis has done all the work for you … just click and read.

The other sources are good to, but your best bet is to start with what’s available for free, then look into building a bookcase.

Best wishes with your baseball.

Coach B.

Of the NPA books you’ve mentioned I’d recommend “The Art and Science of Pitching” first. It goes through all the NPA drills and outlines fitness guidelines and exercises.

As laflippin says “Fastball Fitness” is fitness specific with an NPA slant focusing on functional fitness as well as joint stability, mobility, and flexibility specific to pitching. No pitching drills to speak of but a good discussion on biomechanics as viewed by the NPA.

“Million Dollar Arm” debunks a lot of baseball “conventional wisdoms” and goes into the science behind some of the NPA findings. While it has a lot of good information it’s probably not what you’re looking for at this point.

While I like the training aspects of “Fastball Fitness” I think Steven’s book “TUFFCUFF” is a better pitching specific conditioning book. It essentially focuses on the same aspects of conditioning as the NPA but in much more detail. It also includes some throwing programs as well.

Thanks for your answers, that was helpful !