Recommended elbow and shoulder rehab

I need a program for rest and comming back from a sore elbow with possible micro-tears, and sore rotator cuff. I was recommended to take 3 months off and start back up. what would you recomend for a throwing program after 3 months of not throwing?

I would do tubing and light dumbbells. Google search for tubing and dumbbells exercises (and theres many on this website) While your resting make sure you workout your legs and do some running.

i had labrum surgery last fall. have you done physical therapy? if you have not i would highly recommend it. after my surgery i went 3x a week and it really helped me strengthen the small muscles to get them ready for throwing. aside from that, i was given a program to help build my arm back up. if you are interested, ill try to find it and send it to you, it helped me a lot.