Recommended 3rd pitch

I want a good 3rd pitch but I can’t think of one. My Fastball has some natural movement and my change-up dives down so I need a good 3rd pitch to complement my first two. Any suggestions?


I try a curve but it is very inconsistent.

Knuckle curve, Splitter or a cutter none hurt your arm and they work for me.

A knuckle curve is worse for the arm then a curve-ball. I say work on 4-seam, 2-seam- change-up and throw in a curve-ball once and an while.

GO to my curveball thread and see how i hold my curveball.

Dude knuckle curve does not hurt your arm. I’v looked it up, you throw it straight like a fastball but then flick your fingers.

I woulld love to throw aq knuckleball but it has more spin then a merry go round.
RIStar I grip my curve the same way but I spin the ball to the other [side

You can try a cutter. If you did that you would have 4 pitches that all look alike that act different. If you have a nice 2-seam then a nice cutter is a good addition because you can have it go the opposite of your 2-seam.

If you want a knuckler just keep practicing when your throwing around, once it gets good it can be used.