Please provide comments and recommendations on my son’s pitching. He’s 16, a sophomore, 6’2" 215 lbs, plays football as well as baseball. He’s not very flexible. This spring, when the video was taken he was throwing in the high 70’s. As the season went on (school baseball is a sumer sport here in Iowa), I’m sure he was throwing harder and faster, but was never measured.

What recommendation would you have to help him increase his speed? An other comments would be good too.


well i belielive the fastball is a useless tool without something to set it up. maybe u should start teaching him some off speed or breaking pitches.

In adition to his 4 seam fastball, he throws a two seam fastball that has good movement and he can make in move to the right or left, a reasonable curve, and a change up. If he throws his curve ball to slow it will break fairly early and usually ends up in the dirt before the plate. But, when he throws it at the proper speed it’ll break in a 1 to 7 motion about 1 - 2 feet.

He’s been working on his knuckle ball. I would like for him to learn a few more pitches, but I’m concerned about learning some to young, any recommendation of which ones are ok on a still young arm.

In general he would like to get his fastball into the mid to high 80s by next spring.


there is no need to have 6 average pithches

y not have 4 great pitches.

mastering the changeup can be one of the best pitches for him. look wut the change did for santana. volquez and ect…

i agree having 4 better pitches is alot easier if u dont want him to over work him self. the screwball sinker and knuckle curve have an amazing amount of movement to compliment his fastball and the only one the batter will be able to detect before the break is the knuckle curve with is ok because the knuckle curve comes in looking a bit high.