Recommend a pitching instructor

Does any body know a really good pitching instructor near Shelton Connecticut for a 15 year old? If so can you supply me their name and contact info.
Thanks, Mike Cat

Don’t know anyone there in Connecticut and don’t see any NPA instructors there on the NPA website. But maybe you can find one in a neighboring state/town if you live near the state border. Look here

Good morning, Mike Cat.
I was reading your post about looking for a pitching instructor, and even though time has passed since then I believe I can help. I Googled your home town of Shelton, Conn., and I found that the closest cities were Bridgeport and Stratford, both of which are very near the New York City line. So I looked up New York, and there’s a NPA-certified pitching instructor in the city. His name is Michael Maguire, and you can contact him at So if you haven’t already done so, get in touch with him. Good luck. :idea:

i was wondering if there were any good pitching instructors in or around fall river MA
any help would be appreciated

Note to CaseBaseball2012: I did quite a bit of checking, and unfortunately I couldn’t find any pitching instructors anywhere in the New England area—not even in Boston, and you’d think there would be at least one NPA-certified instructor there! The only thing I could suggest is that you contact the Boston Red Sox offices and tell them what you’re looking for, and quite possibly they may have some ideas, or they may know of someone who may be what you’re looking for. Good luck.

Zita thanks for the advice. I used to have an instructor but he moved. so i would have gone to him but i cant now.