Recently Got Tommy John Surgery

I had Tommy John surgery on October 11th. I have been doing fine and all. Just recently though, I started getting like 5 min aches in my inner bicep and some aching in the back of my elbow and the palm area below my pinky. Could it be scar tissue? Could it be the holes that were drilled inside healing? Anyone?

Talk to your surgeon or PT tell them what you’re experiencing and they can help you better then a message board.

I know, i was just wandering what you guys think it js, my doc said its nothing but i dont understand how it could be normal

Consider that guys who lose digits continue to experience pain in the ghost digit long after it’s been gone. Your arm was traumatized in a major way, healing can continue for much longer than it takes for the scabs to go away.
Wales is spot on though…if it don’t feel right…get yourself checked.

By digits do u mean velocity?

No I mean when many people lose an arm, leg, finger (Digit) they continue to get sensation where the body part was.

The phenomenon you’re talking about is known as “phantom limb syndrome”, in which a person who has lost a limb or part of one for whatever reason continues to experience various sensations where that part used to be. I don’t think that this is the case with you, but if you’re continuing to experience pain in that particular area, you need to consult an orthopedic surgeon and get it checked out—ASAP! 8)