Recent Video for Tay Beattie

Working on limiting upper torso tilt a bit. 6 feet 160 lbs.

Will post more in a month or so after changes. Dad and Taylor.

Comments, critiques appreciated.

A lot of excellent things here… great maximum external rotation, you stay sideways throughout the delivery, good landing, leads with the hip, etc.

A few things I noticed: 1) in the stretch position it seems as though you don’t do as good of a job with the back leg; watch how your knee caves in rather than keeping it over the foot and pointing toward 3B; 2) I’d like to see you move a bit more explosively to the plate once you begin to lower your leg and glide your hips - there is a slight balance or hesitation that acts as a slowing action; 3) on some pitches, you don’t quite brace up the landing leg right away and your knee starts to drift forward slightly - lock it up and brace it hard (that doesn’t mean to get it into full extension right away - it just means to keep your knee behind your ankle when you land).

Hope that helps. Looks great though!

Had not noticed the forward slide before. Also wondering if the calf straight up is an issue. Legs are a little longer than most compared to torso. Perhaps a slight tweak in stride length takes care of both issues ala dick mills.

I feel that your solid mechanics in the windup are not the same as your stretch mechanics, some of this could be corrected by having your feet closer together in the set. Your feet are quite far apart and you have to shift your weight a bit awkwardly to come to your post.