Reccomend a third pitch please


Right now I’ve got 2 pitches, a Fastball and a Changeup (quite basic), I like to think I’ve got decent command over both and would like to add a third pitch, but I can’t seem to decide on one. I know it’s more of a personal taste and it depends a lot on how my Fastball and change shape up but could you reccomend a pitch that isn’t that difficult to use?

I’ve been thinking about a Curve, but I can’t seem to disguise it as my arm lowers enough for a batter to distinguish the pitch pretty easily, and it has the weakest drop I’ve ever seen lol.

First, how old are you? At different ages it is safe for your arm to learn different pitches i.e: slider.

And your prolly looking for a breaking ball of some kind, depending on how hard you throw in your league. I would recommend a curveball, dont worry about dicising the pitch if you throw it good enough they have to worry about hitting it after theyve learnt how you throw it. I throw one and because the rest of my pitches are fastball related actions the curveball stands out lots.

Anyways goodluck

Well what arm angle do you throw from? If you’re a low 3/4 to sidearm like me you have a natural break but, if you go over the top you have a natural sink.

If you throw from a lower angle I recommend a sinking pitch to throw people off but, if you are at a higher angle then you want a breaking pitch to throw people off. Just my thoughts.

I agree with the above poster though, make sure your arm is mature enough for whatever pitch you are throwing.

If you are willing to work really really hard I’d suggest a knuckleball but, don’t throw one in a game until you can throw strikes with it and consistantly throw it well enough, it took me 6 years to throw one consistantly, I’ve worked on it since I was 9.

I’m 19, I throw right handed, I’ve got more of a 3/4 pitching style, more over the top then sidearm. My Changeup (I think the way I throw it, it would be called a circle change) sinks.

I’m a huge fan of Tim Wakefield so I have tried to throw a Knuckleball, but to no avail, I have no control over it and when I do throw it in the strike zone it looks just like my changeup, I’d rather have a third pitch that works more on a horizontal plane and goes right to left, or somehow left to right. Any suggestions?

Well if you want a pitch that breaks laterally, then a cutter or slider would seem in order.

the main problem people have with throwing a knuckleball is they get obbsessed with having no spin to they take thier eyes off the mitt and watch the ball, leading to no control. even though ur not going to throw this in game just practice it when ur warming up.

That’s not entirely true, that’s part of it but, the main reason is consistancy, you have to work on a grip for yourself and a release.

FSTBALLTHROWER said “Well if you want a pitch that breaks laterally, then a cutter or slider would seem in order.”

well the problem with that as he said is u have a pitch that breaks laterally is that most the time u drop all the way sidearm…but there are exclusions such as Mariano Rivera who throws 3/4 staying on top. but the person who posted said he throws 3/4 on top so i would recommend a curve but make sure u are pushing off and following through to get that break but don’t change your mechanics because you will tip your pitch.