Rebuilding a Pitcher

I am currently a high school pitching coach with a freshman that has some untapped potential. He has some of the worst mechanics that I have ever seen and I feel that he needs to be rebuilt. What are some of the best methods to do this? What are some drills that you have used to break someone down and build them back up?

The towel drill is very effective for this. Once you work with him on how to perform it correctly, he can work on it at home with very low chance of hurting himself. He will need as many reps as possible to get his body to learn something new. I believe the towel drill is the safest way to do that.

Why are his mechanics bad? Does he lack neuromuscular control? Does he have mobility deficit in key joints? Does he lack the strength in the muscles required to execute proper mechanics? If you force a change in his mechanics without addressing underlying causes you won’t likely get very far and you could do harm.

It would be best if you could post a video of him throwing off the mound.