Reasons Im struggling with mechaincs

If figured it out since I made the change of the lean back {Will get video sunday} I noticed that it’s hard for me to brace the front leg.

It’s not the mechaincs it’s the strength of my left leg my mechanics sucessed my strength im going to work on leg strength.

So all the Drive from the legs that i’ve been trying to create isn’t going to show up in velcoity till I get a little stronger with my Plant leg then all that energy will be transformed to my arm and to the ball.

So im going to try to get the Plant leg stronger by the next start and work on this inseason so that By allstars I can use the energy the right way and my leg can soport all the energy im creating.

Is it at my age my mechanics have surpased my strength level because of all the energy with the long stride?

Well I spoke to this about you earlier. I also think part of your problem is that you are creating alot of energy with your long stride, but then said energy has nowhere to go because you are creating it using the wrong fundamentals. I think you are striding to much and inhibiting your natural hip and torso rotation by doing so. I think if you tried to ease up a little bit on your stride and stayed closed a little more, you will find that fastball you are looking for.

But leg strength is always good aswell.

I don’t think its my stride it’s the lack of my foot to turn over which im working on and also the inability to plant the leg correctly.

Cause and effect The Cause of the foot not turning over when it is sopose to. The effect is not super good hip/shoulder sereration but decent.
Because at foot plant the belt is facing the batter.

Oh, well maybe there has been a change since I saw your video, you mentioned it was old. But from what I saw in that video, it looked like you were collapsing on your back leg, and trying to drive further than you should. This caused your hips to open early, and this was followed by an early shoulder opening. Its the same effect as you said, weak hip/shoulder seperation, I just think the cause is different. Or it could be a mix of both.

Try your way first, if you like, but keep in mind that if you don’t see results, it could be my diagnosis instead.

what do you mean by strong planted leg
i dont get this
can someone explain

maybe i am doing something incorrect

A strong plant leg means The strength in the leg so that you stablize the leg when foot touches so that the back hit can rotate around power fully.