Reasonable Expectations?

Alright, so I’m a 5’6" 155-160lb. 21 year old. I stopped pitching for a few years and have just started back up. I finished growing and maturing a long time ago. I also have no idea how fast I throw (assuming the little league field I threw on was correct, I can throw the ball about 300 feet trying as hard as I can). I have only been to the gym a handful of times. I have not done any pitcher training drills or exercises. However, I am decently strong (all I know is I can squat at least 500 pounds worth of human being on my back. I give piggy back rides. Don’t judge me.).

Assuming I have matured and finished growing, are there still reasonable velocity gains to be made (as in, more than just a mile an hour or two)? Or , will I just be fighting to retain the maximum velocity I can already reach?

You have a ton of potential. No reason to believe otherwise.

It sounds like you are very capable of reviving your pitching career. Are you interested in playing college baseball?

Thanks Kyle. Hearing from someone else helps. I did expect to hear that I may be close to limitations and I could only retain what velocity I have left. Knowing others believe I’m not quite there yet has pumped me up.

Nathan- Sadly, next year is my senior year of college and I would rather focus on developing my career than playing baseball for my school (which is, rather bad I must admit). I do, however, have the desire to play again in almost any way, shape, or form. I just want to pitch again and see how much better I can become (even if it isn’t at the highest level). I have the itch to throw as hard as I can again.

I’ve been looking into workout programs for pitchers (of the free variety). Stumbling a bit right now, but I’m learning some of the dos and don’ts of workouts as we speak.

Thanks for the replies guys.