Rear Delt Flyes

I was reading this, kc86 posted it in here: so I thought I’d check it out and I really like the workout, but I had a question. For the Max Effort Upper Body in C, Group 2, are rear delt flyes good for a pitcher? Or should I do Lateral DB Raises instead?

Like I said in the other thread, DeFranco does give you some options on exercise selection. I havent seen anything that would suggest that rear delt flyes are bad for your shoulders (in fact, Joe’s technique emphasizes the upper back moreso than the shoulders - ), but if you dont want to use them then you have a few other choices in Group 2…

scarecrows -
face pulls -
seated db powercleans -
band pull aparts -

I would dump the rear delt flys and go with the Face Pulls. Its a more dynamic movement that is by far superior to rear delt flys. Far better for shoulder health and stability. It works shoulder retraction and depression along with external rotation if you hold your hands in a neutral hold, palms facing each other at the beginning of the movement.