Really need help on this kid


I know! This is a hitting video. I am a frequent viewer of this website and it has helped me coaching pitchers for years. Wondering if anyone could give me a couple pointers on how to fix this kids swing!!!


FB in. FB in. CB away.



Coach, I’m kidding of course. Welcome back to the forum. Hope things are going well down in Georgia for you. I’ll let some of the other members comment on his hitting mechanics. I really would pound him inside with fastballs if I was facing him :slight_smile:

  1. the frame rate on this phone video is not high enough for capturing the hitting motion
  2. the video is taken from the worst of 4 cardinal directions

His lower half, which is all I can really evaluate from this video, is generally OK, but he’s not getting his hips through–which is a real killer. If he makes his back knee and his back hip the initiators of the swing, he should be able to clear his hips better. The back knee rotates toward the pitcher, followed by an explosive movement with the back hips to get separation from his hands. Currently, his hands catch up and beat his hips to the ball. I can’t tell from this angle if or when he’s slotting his back elbow. Another video should reveal that.

The only thing I can say about his upper half from this video is his hand position is a bit low and his bat is sagging over his shoulder. That increases the moment of inertia of the bat, making it feel heavier and slowing down the swing. He’s also making it worse by lifting the elbow and dropping the bat on his shoulder during his stride. He’s gonna be really slow to those inside fastballs.

Once his hands get out in front like they do and he’s wiffed the cheese that change up or low curve would finish him off like he wasn’t even there.

His bunting technique is horrifying :wink: Rotate the lower half like in a normal swing, and square the upper half to the pitcher. Keep the bat still and almost level at the top of the zone and adjust to the height of the pitch with the legs and not the arms. Use the lower hand as the tiller. Extend that hand to push the bunt to 1st, retract that hand to drop it down 3rd. If he has to reach or raise, it’s a ball–let it go. If it’s inside, rotate toward the umpire and take one for the team. He’s got that thing on a 45 or more and he’s jabbing / lunging at it. No chance. He’s got a better chance of fouling one off into his face.

Give me a better video from either the rear or 1B dugout to work…preferably the back so I can see pitch location and how he’s compensating for different spots.


Some questions I’d have are:
How old is he?
Has he had a recent growth spurt?
When was his last vision screening?
Length of bat? Is it a standard -3 weight?
Does he have a hitting coach?
Where is he hitting in the order?
What are his common results? scattered ground balls, more than his share of right side grounders, liners that loose momentum in the shallow outfield, lots of straight back foul balls…etc.


Haha thanks guys! He’s actually not on my team (As you can tell by me lazily videoing him during practice :wink: ). But I did tell his mom I would try and work with him. He has really struggled for a while now. Like steven said - Can’t hit a FB in (Or really anything else!)

He is a 17 Year old Junior.
No clue about vision - Prob not great.
Swinging a 33-30 I believe.
No hitting coach other than you! lol.
He’s hitting 8th in the order I believe,
His most common result is a K looking ha. But mainly pop outs to the right side and weak contact. Many swings and misses. Lots of foul balls to the oppo side.


Well, if you get that other video, I’ll have a look.


I agree with CoachPaul about the hips not working properly.

Typically, pop-ups to oppo indicate that the bat head is dropping (not getting on plane properly). I would check to see if it’s because his top hand is too weak or if his back elbow is diving into his back hip/ribcage and pulling the bat head down. You can try some top hand only drills to help strengthen that side as well as getting him to feel what the top hand is supposed to do. Those drills should help him figure out where his back elbow needs to go as well.


I watched a batting coach do this once - it worked.

Tell the guy to step out of the box. Then tell him this:

-" So look, you’re walking into the clubhouse and there you see a guy going through your pen, rifling through all your stuff. Then you see the son-of-b****, open your wallet and take out your last buck! Now your upset, and you notice a box of baseball bats right next to you. Ok Rudy, there he is just waiting for you - standing right there over home plate and lookie-here, you got a bat in your hand… well…"

Now don’t tell the guy to “stand this way”, " hold your bat that way"… just watch him go up to the plate ready to push somebody’s head in sideways with a bat!


Here is video #2


He’s really not attacking the ball with his whole body. His hips are not getting around, neither are the shoulders. He’s dropping the back shoulder, lunging or diving at the ball and not following through due mostly to how poorly he’s firing the back hip. Notice that he does better against pitches up in the zone because he doesn’t adjust his body to the pitch location. If the ball is down, he simply drops the shoulder and the bat head and has trouble squaring up the ball. There is some bat head angling that’s supposed to happen, but you still have to get your body adjusted to get the bat on plane.
I’d set up a batting tee and position the ball in front of home plate von the inner 1/3–not over it and make him get the bat to the ball by rotating his hips and shoulders and keeping his hands inside.