Really need help. Balk dispute with umpire


I had a dispute with the umpire after the game was over.
I would like to give you the scenario if thats ok with you.

Ok runner on second pitcher is in the stretch.

Pitcher brings hands together at waist and pauses he’s in the set position.

He then begins a rocker step, steping back towards first base (right handed)

On the back step of his rocker step he pauses AGAIN for a 2 second count.

Then after the second pause he brings his leg kick up and delivers the pitch to home plate.

This is how hes pitching. Is this in your opinion, legal ?


For one, if you/he was pitching from a windup with a man on is retarded.
And two, read this


The way your describing it, that is a balk.


sounds like a balk to me.


I think it’s a ball if he pauses during the delivery and then continues the motion without delivering a pitch. It will be looked at as an intentional deception of the runner to pause and continue.
If he does that every time, you might advise the umpire in his warmups and get in their heads that if he does it every time it’s not deceiving the runner, it’s just his delivery.


scott_gaines , you mentioned that you (the pitcher) were in the stretch (set) positon, not the windup. But then you, or the pitcher, "begins a rocker step, stepping back towards first base." (?)

Why would a pitcher - "from the set position", take a rocker step towards first base?

I had a pitcher who had hip surgery, and the normal leg lift was painful when he came back from rehab, and he did something like that, only not so pronounced. His leg lift was more of a shuffle for the sake of balance, then he completed his delivery motion. Sometimes he was called on, but other times not. In his situation, it all depended on the officiating. Some ump’s are like that.


Sometimes things happen beyond your control that just seem to come out of the blue. Umpires have a difficult job out there, if not down right impossible sometimes.

I had a pitcher who had an argument with his girlfriend, and she literally nailed him to the wall.

Any way… here’s a guy in his late twenties, who takes the field with sparkle sequins pop riveted to his spikes. On another occasion, she put them somewhere else. At first, no one really noticed because they were kind of dark black, green and dark blue sequins from some kit. Well, as soon as my guy steps into the sun light, dazzle, dazzle, and then some.

The skipper from across the field steps out of his dugout and complains to the plate ump that this is a distraction to the batter. I’m in the dugout that day, substituting for our regular pitching coach, and I get a nudge by the elbow of the bench coach besides me, saying that my boy has a problem. The plate ump walks out to the mound, meets my guy half way and the two start to talk. My guy looks really awkward and embarrassed as he starts to explain… then the ump and the apposing coach burst into laughter… embarrassing my gut even further. The ump and the coach walk back to the plate… the game goes on… with the entire dugout across the field laughing hysterically.

So look, a balk isn’t too bad at your level of play… just learn and adjust. On the other hand… let’s be careful out there offending the ladies…


Once a pitcher comes to set, with the next move there must be no more delays after the next move. Pitchers have quirky pauses, but a second full stop is not allowed.
There is no rule against a rocker step (wind up) with a runner on base. Again, once you take that step, you are committed to a continuous delivery of a pitch. There are to be no stops after the rocker step.
This is certainly not legal, as described.

Ask the umpire for his interpretation of that rocker step. Does he see the pitcher as in the wind up or the stretch? Does he consider the delay after the rocker step as part of the pitcher’s normal delivery, or as a stop?

If he thinks the pitcher is in the stretch, you can ask why the first set position with hands in front is not considered his one allowed stop, the rocker step is automatically illegal at that point as well and the pitcher can no longer throw to a base, by the way. Runners may go as soon as he moves the stride foot.
If he thinks the pitcher is in the wind up–the only way the rocker step may be allowed. If he has that delay every time he pitches, it’s not deceptive, and an umpire may allow it. The pitcher can’t choose to use it sometimes and not other times. Also, your runners are in no jeopardy of a pick off unless the step is toward the occupied base he is throwing to. A runner at second may not be picked off or faked once he executes the rocker step. Of course, before the rocker step, he is still free to disengage the rubber or step and throw to an occupied base–even from the wind up.


Why would you pitch from a windup with a man on second? I dont even pitch from a windup with nobody on.


even though your stance may look like your pitching from the stretch, the addition of the rocker step shows that you are pitching from the windup. there is a second step to this that everyone is skipping over and that is, how do you normally pitch when there is no one on base. does your pitching technique consistently include these odd pauses? i would assume not since they aren’t fluid movements and i would have considered your pause a balk