Real Baseball?

What is THE baseball people use? I’ve used quite a few and there are differences. Some feel empty inside compared to others. Some seams stick out on some and much less on others. At Times there is even a Size difference… ETC ETC

What is THE official baseball? and how would i know?

Thanks for you time and help. (yes, I’m new lol)

This is what we are currently using for high school.

Thats the ball we use also.

yah thats what my league uses

i know we use rawlings or diamond im a fan of both and the high school ones should have higher seams

Can’t remember what I used as a sophomore, but in the adult league I played during (and in the summer of) my junior and senior year we used the MSBL/MABL issued baseballs.

When I am throwing on my own time I use minor league balls as they are easy to come by around here with a minor league affiliate in town. I love the laces being so shallow compared to baseballs used in high school, and the leather is very high quality.

has anybody used an A1010 super seam ball. the laces on these are huge. i would love to see a mlb pitchers curve with one of these.


[quote=“JacketBaseball24”]This is what we are currently using for high school.[/quote]

We use these in Holland as well :slight_smile:

We use the diamond ones as batting practice balls, and wilson a1010s for games.