REady in time?

Hi, new to the forum, new to pitching. However, I am excited to learn. I have been playing ball regularly this summer but have not been lifting or conditioning otherwise.

I am in my senior year in college at a D-III school (Stockton College, NJ) and am thinking of going out for the team. The reason I really am considering it is because they only have one Lefty pitcher coming back this season. I know baseball mentally and have a decent build for pitching…6’ 3" 165lbs. Do you think I would even have a chance at that level of play? I know that right now I am not close to ready, but with 7 months to train is it worth a shot? I’m sure I can get my mental game ready, as well as conditioning by then…but is the actually pitching mechanics out of reach since I have basically no experience?

I can throw about 60 accurately now but have no idea how to throw faster. Any suggestions or bits of hope ?? I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys…go Yanks.

It’s worth a shot.

The key to velocity is to throw with your body, and not your arm. The two keys to doing this are to stride sideways to the target (as Mark Hendrickson is doing in the photo below)…

…and to get your hips rotating well before your shoulders (as Casey Fossum is doing in the photo below)…