Reading Fly Balls

Okay, I have been playing a lot of 1st base lately and now when I’ve been in the outfield I have been having problems seeing the ball off the bat and I’ve been getting god awful jumps.

Anybody know what’s going on or how to fix this?

Well, unless you have really bad eyes, there shouldn’t be any reason to not see the actual ball from the outfield.

Also, it depends on what part of the field you’re playing; if you play corner outfielder, most of the time you will be running to center for a possible double cut if it looks hard hit. If you play center, then just be wary and be a fast runner because you have to cover a larger area then a corner outfielder. Then, with lefties and playing right field, play towards the foul pole because lefties usually pull everything, unless trained not to.

Hope this helps.

And watch out for the “high sky”. This is especially troublesome for outfielders—that brilliantly blue, cloudless sky which makes it especially difficult for an outfielder to pick up on a high fly ball—and not only do you need your sunglasses, you often have to go at an angle to see where the ball is. Many an outfielder will curse like crazy if the ball drops for a hit under those conditions!!! :roll:

Are talking about a night game, late evening game, or early morning and high noon games?

I’ve been on clubs where different fielders were specifically place during each of these times - and for good reason. Night game especially. With night games a fielder has a very poor reference point on high fly balls due to a lack of perception (no background). Hence, I would deliberately set pitch selection (suggestions) for the ground ball game whenever my guy was zero for the century against certain batters.

Coach B.

Thanks for the replies but I don’t think I need to worry about it too much I’m pretty much just a 1st baseman and pitcher now.