Reached its peek?

do u think pitching has reached all it can be?

i personally think theres a little more left to discover but not a whole lot

but i think batting has lots more room to develop

IMO pitching has gone backwards…the best way to improve may be to turn back the clock.

I agree with DaleMCM, pitching is going to have to go back in time to get better.

The pitchers in the mlb throw an average 88mph fastball but have got great secondary pitches. They need to go back to hard fastball pitching to bring that average 92-93mph and get more pitchers to throw over 100mph. Now we only have a couple of pitchers that throw that hard when there used to be a lot more of them. Sure its good to see a hard snapping slider or a 3 foot dropping splitter, but its the power of the 100mph fastball that made the game and we need to go back to that.

I believe it starts with the youngest pitchers wanting to learn all the “tricky” pitches at a ridiculously young age, when all that should be doing is throwing a fastball and a changeup. With better coaching at the younger level more players might have a chance of reaching thier full pace instead of having alright junk pitches.

Then we go to high school and college, they need to train on throwing the fastball straight away. Then later introduce the curveball and the slider when thier bodies have gotten mature enough to widthstand the forces on the body with a different pitch, and have gotten used to throwing a hard fastball. Better training and understanding of the body by the coaches might improve the likelyhood of someone throwing 100+mph.

Also the fact that hitters in high school and college use metal bats doesnt help anything. The pitchers have to be able to sneak the pitch passed a hitter, because even if the ball comes off the handle of the bat it might get a safe hit. When with a wood bat if you hit the handle the hitter feels it…bad, and you will most likely get an out. The pitchers need to be more confident in blowing the inside fastball passed the hitter and with a metal bat that wont happen, because once the bat touches that ball its not coming down until its somewhere in the next suburb. Wood bats wood help pitchers in the best of ways, and would help the game in general with everyone being used to the wood bats, hitters would be able to be spotted for more talent instead of hiding behind an aluminium bat.

The game needs its old skool game again, back when a homerun was a challange, with pitchers throwing into the 100+mph range and the speed of the runner was one of the most important things in a game. The game needs to get back to its roots and start fresh and train up kids for speed and power, not tricks.

booma- i don’t think that what you’re saying is true. there was never an era when pitchers were routinely throwing 100 mph. that’s why guys who could (like nolan ryan, bob feller, bob gibson) are still so famous.

pitchers today are faster than ever before. nowadays its REALLY hard to get drafted if you don’t have a 90+ fastball. the guys that pitch below 90 mph in the majors today tend to be the veterans who became pros before there was so much more emphasis on speed than there was on stuff like movement and control.

plus, haven’t you read these forums? EVERYONE seems to be trying to gain fastball velocity (i know that i am). if there used to be some secret to training for velocity in the old days that we’re not following anymore, believe me, it never would have gone out of style.

Booma, that article you read was written in NINETY-TWO

samo[quote]pitchers today are faster than ever before. nowadays its REALLY hard to get drafted if you don’t have a 90+ fastball. the guys that pitch below 90 mph in the majors today tend to be the veterans who became pros before there was so much more emphasis on speed than there was on stuff like movement and control. [/quote]

Not one sentence of this quote is correct. The only thing that has got faster in the last 25 years is the radar guns themselves.

ok well that’s your theory dale but if you can find me one piece of evidence beyond your own personal misinterpretations to support what you’re saying, i’d love to see it.

i read that book moneyball by michael lewis and i wish i could quote from it but i can’t so i’ll just paraphrase. one big thing it said in that book is that when barry zito was in college, a lot of teams didn’t think he’d ever develop into a good professional pitcher just because his fastball was below 90. it said that lots of teams adhere to this method of judging AND drafting pitchers based on their potential to throw hard.

and as for your radar gun conspiracy theory, sure, some of the guns (like the ones on fox) juice the readings a bit. but it’s generally accepted that the fastest in the game (verlander, zumaya) occasionally hit 100 mph.

plus, radar guns didn’t even EXIST back in your “good ol’ days.” i was reading about that pitcher steve dalkowski, who pitched in the 60s, and they had to measure his speed using a WIND TUNNEL because they didn’t have guns. so all the speeds of many of the great pitchers of the past were really just estimates anyway.

Really, which teams admit this.

The ray gun read the ball across the plate, the juggs read it out of the hand…which do you think gave a higher reading on the gun? Its no theory, I have seen scouts with guns from the 80’s gunning pitchers with thier original guns along side the stalker and newer juggs guns of today and the difference is laughable. Pitchers on the old guns threw 85 and on the same pitch with a stalker or new juggs threw 90.

I never said that all pitchers need to throw 100+mph, but what we need more that do. And pitching has gotten slower and more second pitch orientated. You can get drafted if you have 90mph and have a good curveball, when a 100mph and a change-up you wont get drafted for. If training became more fastball consious and scouts recognised.
Even tho the article was written in 1992 its still true today. How many pitchers throw over 100 that dont have a good curve/slider now? even in the minors they rarely top at 98.

and when it comes to the woodern bats a lot of ppl agree.

And radar guns have gotten faster.

i dunno what planet you guys have been watching baseball on but there isn’t a team in the U.S. who wouldn’t draft somebody who could throw 100 mph. you make it sound like its a common thing. I bet there are only about 5 people in this COUNTRY who can hit 100 mph.

Who disagrees with this? :?: