Reach for your dreams

here’s a cell phone pic of the drawing I just completed for my art class…maybe some of you will find inspiration in it (I hope).

thats really something bro…

really good stuff!

Thats great stuff, good job.

Is there anyway you can scan that on a computer, and send it to me?

I really like this picture

Awesome pic, Lanky. You should put your signature on it. (Or is that not allowed on a school project?)

You not only have artistic talent - but you also have soul, a light that gives illumination from your heart to shared with others. That’s a quality of life that says volumes about you.

I printed that out and put it in my den. Thank you.

Coach B.

I guess I’ll sign it. When I document it for my portfolio I’ll put up a better quality image.

and thanks a lot guys, I’m glad you like it.

I snapped photos of the previous piece and another one of mine today with a better camera. No tripod so they might be a bit blurry but hopefully it’s decent enough quality.


Real nice, Lanky.

I have the first picture as my background on my computer and the wall paper on my phone