Re: The Gym And Workouts


Hey guys I’ve been going to the gym since July (15 years old) and I feel like I’m not getting any results.


Welcome to the pursuit of becoming a great pitcher/athlete. Takes years and years and years.


If you haven’t seen any results from July you are either not going enough, not working hard enough, or don’t know what your doing.


I’m going enough and working hard enough, so I guess I have no clue as to what I’m doing. How do I get better at knowing what I’m doing?


Explain your workout to me. What your doing, reps, sets etc.

Do some research and check out YouTube for great lifting advice as well. Lots of good information out there.


Well it’s hard to say specifically as I have no idea what I’m doing, I guess I just do anything.


I gave you a layout of what I generally do in the weight room in a different topic. Follow that until you understand and gain more knowledge on the subject


Ok thank you. One thing though, can I please have it again? I lost it.


Scroll down on the site. You made the topic I believe