Re: The Forkball

Just today I got the temptation to throw a Forkball, but is the most stressful pitch on a pitcher’s elbow and arm. Age when I should throw it? Anything I can do to get untemptated (is that a word) from wanting to throw it? I don’t want to wreck my arm. Thank you in advance.

The pitch/grip isn’t any more stressful than any other pitch. The main reason the forkball has a reputation of being “stressful” is because it tends to drive up a pitcher’s overall pitch count; when thrown correctly, it’s tough to throw for strikes and tends to drop out of the zone.

That being said, Kevin Gausman has a nasty forkball:

ty steven

I started throwing a forkball in the summer after my freshman year. At first I was just playing around when I threw it, then I started throwing it in bullpens, still just playing around with it. Then I threw it in a game, it was the catchers idea because the coaches weren’t calling pitches in the summer. Fast forward to now, and it’s a filthy pitch, but it is difficult to control at times. I say in a 7 inning start i would throw 2-7 forkballs. It works well to get double plays and also as an out pitch.

Thank you for your feedback Astro25!

Mind if I ask how old you were then and how old you are now?

When should I throw one?

I started to throw it the summer I was 15 ( I’m pretty sure) and now I’m 17. Never had any arm issues or anything.