Re:Pitching Strategy


Little help with pitching strategies please?


So talk to us what’s your issue or question…strategy is big


Really broad question, can you narrow it down?


Here are 2 things that may help:

  • A high pitch looks faster than a low pitch, as it’s closer to you and closer objects appear faster
  • inside pitches mean the batter has to swing faster… So if he’s behind give him a pitch nice and tight near his ears
  • idea of tunneling (this is risky, but can make people look foolish) (only works for hitters who bat from the same side as you)
    - throw a fastball or two at the hitters ears, and then throw a curve that starts there, and breaks down the middle. Most hitters will jump out of the way, to have a strike Called. Have fun with this! :smiley:




Just in general


My strategy is to keep the batter from becoming a runner and keep runners from advancing as much as possible. I generally have good success if I’m able to do that :wink: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that throwing strikes is important.