Re-building motion

im re-building my motion

pitching from the stretch NOT the wind-up

i want to get more power out of my legs and get to the plate quicker… i get to the plate in 1.5 seconds

any suggestions?

I always pitch from the stretch, for me it’s just more comfortable and easier to pitch consistantly. As for suggstions, sorry don’t really have any because I’m looking to improve myself more before helping out (so I don’t give bad advice) The only thing I really can say is if your looking to rebuild your motion don’t completely rule out the wind-up and see which of the two you are more comfortable with before rebuilding (if you have already done that, sorry I have 0 advice) anyway I also am looking for advice (I have been trying to get a video of me pitching but so far I can’t hopefully soon I will be able to)

Yes, unless you are exclusively a reliever, don’t go from the stretch all the time. You lose velocity. As for rebuilding your motion, I wouldn’t do that so much as do alot of drills that overemphasize what you are trying to do, and then go back to your regular motion, which will be changed. Take what Barry Zito did this winter for example. He wanted another 6 inches on his stride. So he created a wierd delivery that game him another foot on his stride. Repeat that a couple hundred times, then go back to your regular motion, and bam, he had that extra 6 inches. Thats the key to changing your motion, overemphasise what you want, then do things so they feel normal. You will see a change.

if I’m not mistaken, pheen is a reliever/closer. Pheen if I’m wrong correct me please.

when you’re from the stretch it’s really all about pushing off the rubber. i know some people think it’s an old saying from the wind up it might be but from the stretch you want to really push off the rubber as soon as your leg lifts and make sure you dont bring your foot higher then your knee because that’s taking some times to go doqwn. maybe just get your knee over the rubber and really explode toward the mound anyway 1.5 second isnt that bad it takes between 3.5 and 4 seconds for the fastest guys to reach 2 and 3 base

thats 1.5 seconds with my foot above my knee