Re: Breaking Balls and My Changeup


Before my changeup was getting no movement whilst my curveball was breaking well, my slider sucked and the rest of my pitches were good. Now my changeup is getting good movement whilst my other pitches are good, my slider still sucks, and my curveball is average. How do I get it so all my pitches are good?


You’ve asked variations of this question almost a half dozen times since joining this site. And, frankly, it’s getting super old. Here’s the deal with mastering different pitches: they take years and years and years to get good at. Obviously. Stay focused on mastering the Fastball first, and then a Change up, and then one Breaking ball – in that order. And please stop asking the same questions over and over and over and over on this site.


There is basically one way to get pitches to work.
Lots and lots and lots of practice.


Thank you.


What about the other breaking ball?


Like Steven and others have said, focus on getting good at just 2 or 3 pitches. It’s easier (not easy but easier) to get good at a few pitches than at a bunch of pitches. There’s a reason that even the pros only get good at a few pitches.


I’m good with my fastball and my change up. I’m even good with my “movement pitches” if you will. It’s just those dang breaking balls that are really troubling for me.


So in other words I’m good with a few pitches.



“I’m good with my fastball and my change up. I’m even good with my “movement pitches” if you will. It’s just those dang breaking balls that are really troubling for me.”

Blue Jays Fan, you don’t seem to be asking genuine questions. Only 6 days ago you requested help with your “movement issues”. Don’t see how you could solve in such a short period of time. If you are seriously interested in pitching help this is a great site, lot of very knowledgeable people here willing to share their wisdom. If you’re here to get a rise out of other people; I’m pretty sure you can find another site more appropriate.


You need to set your breaking ball up before it leaves the glove by turning your fingers to the throwing side and thumb toward the glove-side of the body on the ball (like you’re holding a can of soda or an ice cream cone in your glove ) then start your wind up…this is called a pre-set… when you separate your hands make sure the ball comes out of the glove with your wrist locked in the same position… allow the hand to extend out in front of the body like throwing a javelin or spear… allow your inside shoulder/ throwing shoulder to get as close to the target as possible just before release… Hope this helps …


Thank you, I’ll try it!


Yes, posts like “I’m working on my new curveball…” followed a week later with “…I’ve mastered my curve ball and now I’m working on XYZ.” really turn people off from trying to help you because there is no way in hell you mastered anything in a week. These pitches take YEARS to “master”.

Posting like this means one of two things: you don’t understand the difference between mastery and short term positive results or that you are easily satisfied with marginal improvement.

We are not trying to be mean, we are trying to blindly help you. If you posted an example of your pitch “mastery” compared to your pitches that “suck” we can probably point you in the right direction.