RBK Glove

I’m interested in gettting an RBK Glove and I was wondering if anybody has used one before? If so, are they any good? What’s the price? Where can I get one? I was hoping to get one like Josh Beckett.

My friend has one, I can ask him what kind it is and check it out. I have a rawlings Pro Prefered infielders glove. Most infielders don’t like to have their glove very loose, they like it tight to turn double plays and quick transfers so when you get into the rawlings heart of the hide and pro preffered the leather starts to stiffen up. My glove has pretty loose leather but my friend just got a mizuno, I believe the MVP series, and it seemed very comparable to my cousins Heart of the Hide. I thought it seemed pretty stiff like it should be. You can pick those gloves up for around 100 same as mine but I would say the mizuno has a higher quality. Just my 2cents but if your stuck on Rebok then I will see my friends glove.


here they are on sale for 100