how!!! 7-0 in the seventh!!! what did i just witness???

that was the craaaaziest game i have ever seen. i cant believe they came back. good job greatest manager ever joe maddon in this one. terrible job working the bullpen and he cost them the game

You can’t expect that from Balfour and Wheeler, but still. Grrrr and I stayed up to watch 'em clinch…

dissapointing for ray fans but theres always tommorow lol

you could tell wheeler just had nothing at all and he stayed in. but can someone answer me why they call james shields “big game james”? has the guy ever pitched in a big game in his life? you have to earn those nicknames.

some freaky things can happen. they said drews game winning double came at the same exact time of aaron boones walkoff hr against the sox in 03.


They gave him the nickname because of the playoffs and very late September I’m pretty sure. Ask Kaz … er well I will if I can get in touch w/ him.

Remember 1996? Yankees second baseman Mariano Duncan came up with this one: “We play today, we win today. Dassit.” It would seem that the Bosox took that page out of the book and did just that—they played today, or rather last night, and they won, and so now we have a Game Six in Florida. I was just wondering—what are the odds that this series will go to a Game Seven?

Yeah those commentators were psychic. THey were saying something like JD Drew needed to show his Mickey Mantle Power then he belts that homerun. Almost To weird?

I tell ya what, those were some incredible at bats Boston put together starting with two outs in the seventh. Coco Crisp came up absolutely huge. You can’t blame Madden in this one. You blame the bullpen for getting behind virtually every single Boston hitter. It wasn’t all Wheeler, Balfour gave up a four spot without throwing a single off speed pitch! Sorry buddy, but it’s the big leagues, 95 down the middle is going to get whacked.

ofcourse if you win all moves by the manager looks great and if you lose they second guess him. but some moves by maddon didnt make sense. in the 8th with 2 outs and kotsays double over uptons head. in that situation the defense needs to play no double defense. give up a single but not an extrabase hit. he stayed with wheeler to long. then in the 9th why would he intentionally walk jason bay to have howell pitch to jd drew? drew was 4-7 in his career off howell. im a sox fan so im happy they came back, just trying to break down some key moments in game.

AFTER getting Poppy the whole series on soft stuff and movement…lets…I know…lets see how far it’ll go if we put 95 mph at the knees middle in… :shock:

Goes under the heading of brilliant ideas from future minor leaguers…

Just a minor difficulty. Won’t happen again. They let them win. They wanted to wrap up the series in St.Pete. :smiley:


Are you sure there isn’t just a teensy weensy bit of doubt wayyyy back in the forgotten reaches of your mind that says…

“Hmmmm, didn’t they do this two times before???”

:call: <-------------------- What Joe Maddon should have done when Wheeler was Wheelin and Dealin…

james shields got the name “big game” james from class A ball. haha what a joke and they still call him that.

“little game” james sure showed up tonight. like i hoped they woke up a big sleeping giant. sure hope lester can be dominant.


what was that peavy?

I believe that is known today as…LOSING IT!!! :lol: :lol: Wow I’m up super late.

Well a while back JD wanted us to stop using “damn.” So I looked it up in a thesaurus like he said and found “reprobate.” Translation: GODDAMMIT!!! (I posted right after they lost.)