Rays/Red Sox/Yankees Topic

dm59 suggested we make a topic to talk about the playoff race with the Rays,Red Sox, and Yankees. So here it is. Talk it up.

Although I don’t like any of these teams, I had to go Rays. There young pitching is without doubt the best in the league, with Kazmir, Shields, Sonnenstien, etc. Both the Yankees and Red Sox have had shaky starting pitching. Look at tonights game, where they were up by 10 and gave all of those runs to Texas (check espn.com). The Yankees pitching is nothin special. I do think without Longoria or Crawford, it will hurt the Rays though. I am a Tigers fan, btw. lol poor me.

I sure hope the Yankees can move their way up there but as for now my playoff predictions are as follows.

AL: Angels vs. Red Sox Rays vs. White Sox
Angels Rays



                             Brewers                             D-Backs

NL: Mets vs. Brewers D-Backs vs. Cubs

None of that really looks good here in Toronto, but I think the Rays will get the division. In terms of the wildcard, I don’t know if Boston will hold that. I’d rather see the Yankees in there, but it all depends on how they play within the divsion. The Rays can certainly be caught.

Red Sox, Rays, Yanks. Colon comes back for Sox…pitching is experienced and the Rays will wilt under the pressure and they’ll end up playing the Angels.

I voted Rays. Didn’t they just lose a couple good guys? :shock:

Thanks a lot, jerk. You didnt leave anyone out there

cough bluejays 20 game winning streak cough

We’re gonna take the NL WEST