Rays clinch!

I’m so freaking happy!!! 7-2 over Twins!!! WS=Rays vs Cubs

EDIT: Hopefully :lol:

world series, red sox over dodgers. think about the story lines manny and torre trying to get their revenge.

Sorry, but without Manny and JD Drew and Beckett at the top of his game I don’t see it happen.

World Series Prediction?

Angels and Cubs. Two of the most balanced and powerful ballclubs out there.

And let me add the rays swept both of those teams :smiley: Just saying

Nice going. Since my Yanks got killed by injuries this year and … yeah well sucked I’m a Rays fan from Sept. 29th on. Great story, hopefully they go all the way (although Angels should win it).

If Red Sox win another World Series, I’ll buy a gothic makeup and… y’know

And let me add that the Blue Jays swept the Rays… and look where they are… :cry:

what happens between teams in regular season means absolutely nothing come playoff time. werent yankees 6-0 against indians last year, then lost to them in alds.

I don’t really believe in the Cubs. I watched four straight games where they were in a big early deficit and their pitchers were roughed up. Two of the games the opponent relief pitching collapsed completely and they won (bases loaded fastball down the middle to A-Ram) but they just didn’t look that good or impressive. They easily could’ve been swept with decent relief pitching.

I’m sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree, they have a very balanced ball club, they have someone to do everything. An example of an unbalanced ballclub is the Blue Jays, who have amazing pitching and defence, but not that good of hitting or speed.

the success of cubs will depend on zambrano and harden. if those 2 are healthy and dominating like they can the cubs will be hard to beat in playoffs.

Un-Freaking Believable…

well even though i love the rays they are a young team and i don’t see them getting past the lcs sorry.

They should lose to the Angels, but I see a huge and bright future for that team.

oh yes they have a very bright futurevery very bright :smiley: !!